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Pendant les 'Modeles'
Hand-painted pochoir by Ernesto Michaelles (1893-1959), who produced sculpture, paintings, fabric designs, theatrical costumes and fashion illustrations under the pseudonym "THAYAHT". Michaelles, fascinated with applying his study of dynamic symmetry (Paris and Harvard) to the arts, created his hallmark style by combining the geometrics of cubism with the Art Deco curvilinear style - the achievement of motion and elegance all in one go! PENDANT LES MODELES appeared as Plate #20 in issue #3 from the 1922 Gazette du Bon Ton captures the moment of haute couture inspiration, where the fabric takes on a spontaneous life of its own. Approx. h.9.625in X w.7.25in; h.24.4cm X w.18.4cm
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