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Robert Bonfils
La Journee du Poilu (The French Soldier)
Hand coloured, pochoir print from Modes et Manières d'Aujourd'hui: 1920, Plate XII. Limited to only 300 copies, the "M&M" audience was the very wealthy. Each annual issue featured text of poetry, fashion and entertainment, illustrated in a series of 12 pochoirs. Each edition was devoted exclusively to one artist who set his pieces around a theme - in this case the 'life of the liberated woman'. Bonfils began the series on a comic note, but ends much more seriously: while our heroine has bedded her lovers, tamed her horse, played a wicked round of golf and generally indulged herself with the exotica of the day, she takes a moment to explain to her young apprentice the importance of remembering how all this 'liberation' was won. Approx. H. 11.0in X W. 7.5in; H. 27.9cm X W. 19.1cm
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