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George Barbier
Toilette de Taffetas Imprime
The last pochoir that George Barbier completed for 'Journal des Dames et des Modes'(Plate #179-1914)a Parisian haute couture journal containing these(unbound) artworks published by Tom Antongini from June 1912 until August 1914. In her 1979 book "Parisian Fashion" Christina Nuzzi describes this Journal: "With its expensive layout, its society columns, its poetic texts, its colourful annotations and its fashion reports, it represented the last brilliant, refined, impartial and aestheticizing impulse of a happy and optimistic society occupying the centre of the stage in the period that has aptly been called the 'Belle Epoque'." This particular image is rare because full distribution was not complete for these last few pochoirs owing to the commencement of The Great War. In this sense the beautifully composed autumn scene was fitting. Overall H.8.875in X W.5.5in; H.22.5cm. X W.14.0cm.
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