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George Barbier
Laissez-Moi Seule!
This is a hand coloured and plate-signed pochoir print on Japan paper issued hors-texte in the first year of publication of the exclusive French fashion folio Feuillets d'Art (1919). A pochoir artistic project by Lucien Vogel, editor of Gazette du Bon Ton, Feuillets d'Art appeared intermittently between 1919 and 1920 and accommodated in album format short stories, serialized novels, poems, design philosophy and exquisite works of the day's the top artists. This 'I want to be alone' setup (which predates a similar famous outburst by Marlene Dietrich) expresses the supreme confidence and hauteur of the New Woman that the 20's encouraged. As is often the case the male is given only a partial portrayal; he is merely incidental in this era of an emerging 'Woman's Lib'. While she struts peacock-like in all her self-indulgent glory he is appropriately and obsequiously sidelined. Barbier's fantasy ensemble here shows similar artistic indulgence with his unerring sense of colour, fanfare, detail and drama. H. approx.10.5in X W. 7.5in; H. 26.5cm X 19.0cm
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