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George Barbier
La Toilette Delicieuse
Hand-coloured, plate-signed pochoir from Falbalas & Fanfreluches - George Barbier's tour de force for his Alamanc of 1924. This is a "Delightful Dress-Up" moment at the couturier's establishment, where convention was that private fashion showings allowed for privileged and discrete purchases. In this neoclassical setting, the daring innovations of the New Direction were taken very seriously despite their capricious expressions. Just a year later Poiret would launch the world-first "public" runway event from ramps of his three barges on the banks of the Seine: "L'Amour", "Delices" and "Orgues", as part of the 1925 Art Deco Exhibition. +++++++ This famous series of illustrated almanacs was produced from 1922 to 1926 only and depicted high-society life in the fashion, social and artistic capital of the early inter-war years in Paris. Each issue contained a small diary and notation section, an introduction by one of the leading social/cultural doyens of the day, a decorative cover and twelve fashion plates (one for each month of the year), hand-coloured in stencil and watercolour/gouache. +++++++ Further Ref.: "Art Deco Costumes By George Barbier" (Introduction by Madeleine Ginsburg, Curator, V&A Museum, London) +++++++ Approx.image size: h. 6.25in X w. 4.125in; h. 15.9cm X w. 10.5cm; Overall: h. 9.75in X w. 6.375in; h. 24.8cm X w. 16.2cm
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