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George Barbier
This is hand-colored, original pochoir produced as Plate #54 of issue #7 for La Gazette du Bon Ton (1922) illustrating 'an exotic dress for exotic touring' by Worth. Notice the oriental themes both in the couture design itself and the skillful way in which the foliage is represented. More than a decade after the Ballet Russe influenced Parisian Fashion with the romance of the mysterious East(helping to give birth to Art Deco) we still see these design elements! (Footnote: in 1925 Leonid Massine, then Choreographer for the Ballet Russe, purchased an island just off the shore from where the model is standing. His heirs then sold it to Rudolph Nureyev in the 1980's). Approx. Dimensions: h.9.625in X w.7.625in h.24.4cm X w.19.4cm
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