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George Barbier
This is a gouache hand-coloured and plate-signed pochoir from the rare fashion art almanac Falbalas & Fanfreluches (1924,). The title is a Barbier word-play that combines the French for "scarf" and "big push" with the "escapade" of the hat-escape all imaginatively rolled into his one-word concept. Typical Barbier, the handy-man/"Dandy"-man is truncated, and neutralized in whites, while the vivacious full flight of the New Woman is glorified in arresting frony-and-center-design and colour. The barely perceptable background is a passing nod to the aesthetics of the now outmmoded just-prior era of Art Nouveau. +++++++ This work is referenced in the 1988 publication "Art Deco Costumes by George Barbier", Plate 19 (Crescent Books, NY, forward by Madeleine Ginsburg, Curator, Dept. of Textiles and Dress, V&A Museum): "the lady (wears) a slim fitting summer dress, patterned boldly with Art Deco roses for which Iribe and Poiret claimed credit, a design introduced in the years before WWI. The tones of the flowers on her bold striped cloche hat are echoed by those of the scarf. The black wristband into which her handkerchief is stuffed was a popular 1920's accessory." +++++++ H.9.5in X W.6.5in; H.24.1cm X W.16.5cm.
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