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George Barbier
Le Feu
Hand-coloured, plate-signed pochoir from Falbalas & Fanfreluches - George Barbier's tour de force for his "Alamnac" of 1926. "The Fire" has a self-evident double meaning - as in the eroticism enhanced by the latest peignoir-type evening wear, as daring and charged as the title. In his typical feminist context Barbier has marginalized the image of the love-smitten man as his suit melds into the darkness while the languid sophistication of the superb New Woman surely rivals the blinding outpouring of the fireworks. +++++++ This series of illustrated almanacs was produced from 1922 to 1926 only and depicted life in the fashion, social and artistic capital of the early inter-war years. Each issue contained a small diary and notation section, an introduction by one of the leading social/cultural doyens of the day, a decorative cover and twelve fashion/lifestyle plates (one for each month of the year), hand-coloured in stenciled watercolour/gouache. +++++++ Ref. "Art Deco Costumes By George Barbier" (Introduction by Madeleine Ginsburg, Curator, V&A Museum, London) publ. 1988 Crescent Books, N.Y. +++++++ Image: h. 6.25in X w. 4.125in; h. 15.9cm X w. 10.5cm Overall: h. 9.75in X w. 6.375in; h. 24.8cm X w. 16.2cm
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