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George Barbier
L'Arc Rouge
This is a hand coloured and hand-signed pochoir from Modes et Manieres d'Aujourd'hui (1914 edition, Plate V), which was one of the most exclusive "lifestyle" publications to emerge from Paris (1912 to 1922). Its audience was the very wealthy. Existing copies are quite rare and highly collectible because of an annual edition size of only 300. This edition was entirely illustrated by Barbier. Note the beginnings of classic Art Deco geometry in the bold lines, the stylized tree, the quiver and bow (where even the string is eliminated for purity of expression). Each image in this famous series is on fine Japan paper, echoing the uncompromising elegance of the period. This image is a good example of an early Art Deco crossover artwork, where one can see the clinging influence of Art Nouveau in the foliage, the backdrop for the crisp clean and elegant belted lines of the new haute couture. Also included is the mythological reference with the classical Cupid who is helping the lady score at love. H.10.75in. X W.7.0in.; H.27.3cm. X W.17.8cm.
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