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George Barbier
La Loge
This is a hand coloured and plate-signed pochoir from Modes et Manieres d'Aujourd'hui (1914 edition, Plate X), which was one of the most exclusive "lifestyle" publications to emerge from Paris (1912 to 1922). Its audience was the very wealthy. Existing copies are quite rare and highly collectible because of an annual edition size of only 300. This edition was entirely illustrated by Barbier. The theatrical turbans - hinting of the cloche hats to follow in the Art Deco era - are in high vogue after Poiret's spectacular 1912 introduction in "Les Choses de Paul Poiret". Each image in this famous series is on fine Japan paper, echoing the uncompromising elegance of the period. The exaggerated feathers are a clue to the extreme self-indulgence of the period, when all the attention is best focussed on onesself, the opera box challenging the works onstage. H.10.75in. X W.7.0in.; H.27.3cm. X W.17.8cm.
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